Hi there,

My husband and I are both qualified RN. We are looking into moving to the states permanently, but the process is very confusing.

Can anybody advise me on the steps? The research i have done i believe tells me we are eligible to apply for a green through our jobs. The following steps I have already discovered, although i am confused about which order they should be done in!
  • I have seen agencies that you pay to pass on your CV to employers in the states who will sponser and employ UK nurses.
  • The exams we are required to take specific to the state we choose - i think NCLEX-RN? Then there was also an english language exam i believe.
  • The actual green card application.
Would an employee sponser us through the whole process, or are we expected to pass the NCLEX-RN exam independently, first?

My other question is, how complex would it be for me to wait until we were in the states on my husbands job before I take the exams myself? Would his job get all of us green cards? We have a baby son also.

Thanks, maybe there is someone who has been through the same thing!