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    Thread: Help - we want to move to Florida!

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      I've been in Florida over 6 years now Jacque, and it's ok for the most part. Is it better than living in the UK? IMHO, no, it's not. I'd prefer somewhere with 4 seasons for a start.

      If your partner has an American Mother, then it's possible it MAY help, but that's certainly not definate though. Too many variables in this one.

      TBH, you'd almost be better off asking an immigration lawyer over here in the US for some advice, and see what they come up with as an opinion of your chances. Bouncing it around in an online forum without anyone actually knowing all the details makes it kind of unlikely that any of us will give the best advice or really know the answer.
      A lawyers opinion would be a better way to go for you I'd say.

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      I know what you mean about emailing on line,i have a emigrate seminar to visit at the end of September so i should ask all the questions then see what response i get there,i may look at going to Canada,
      I shall email and let you know how i get on.
      Do you mind me asking were did you live.
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      I don't mind you asking at all. I lived in Kent before I emigrated over here to the US, I'm currently in Florida, about 50 minutes outside Orlando.

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      Lucky you !!
      How long have you been living over there and how did you manage to get in?
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      Florida Redhead
      I have lived in the Orlando area since April 1992. I had been married to my American husband for 10 years before we came here to take care of his parents.We both have dual Nationality. I had been on holiday many times before we moved here, but living here was quite a culture shock, even for me. The first thing I discovered was....forget any qualifications and work experience you had in England. I had a degree, and management experience at LWT and in public relations. None of it would get you a job in this highly competitive market. I became a US Citizen in 2000, which means no matter what I earn anywhere in the world the IRS will tax it.
      My husband retired from the US Navy, and we have good health care (for now, until the Government mucks it up!).
      That's another factor to consider....health insurance would be very expensive for you.
      I got my Real Estate license and mortgage brokers license, and helped many Brits to invest in a business here. That's really the only legal way, a long process, and you have to invest a lot of money.
      My advice to you is, avoid anyone who says they have the secret to a fast track and a Business visa.....they don't. I can't count the number of Brits who have cheated fellow-Brits out of their savings with such schemes.
      There are some of them in Federal Penitentiaries right now, and will be deported upon release.
      Your relative won't be any use unless he/she is living here and willing to vouch for your every move, even then you would have to already have means of support and making a living. Another possibility would be if you had super skills that no American has, and an employer was willing to sponsor you, but in today's economy with unemployment in double digits, that would be almost impossible.
      We have no family here now, my brothers, my son and his family are in England.
      We have been happy here, made a good living, and will keep our home here. I love winters in Florida, but when we retire next year we will be spending our summers in England and Ireland.

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      Wink Hi

      Thanks for your reply!It was very interesting and helpfull,Carnt help still wanting to try it though,may be we could do a swap when your ready for a English holiday HAHA!Only joking thanks for your reply.

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      Quote Originally Posted by daveandjac View Post
      Lucky you !!
      How long have you been living over there and how did you manage to get in?
      I wouldn't necessarily call it lucky Wanna swap places?

      Originally came over in 2001, but been in Florida since 2003.
      Honestly, I actually prefer the Northern states of the USA over Florida.

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      Quote Originally Posted by daveandjac View Post
      Were is the Northern states of USA?
      The Northern states within the US, as opposed to the Southern states.

      If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, take a look at a map of the USA, it'll become to you clearer then... hopefully.

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      I have had an interesting read about all the different people who have moved to Florida and all the negative remarks on the weather, yes it does get very hot here but having said that everywhere is air conditioned so what is your problem? Go back to the UK for a week and then compare it to what you have here, yes it is tough over here at the moment but you just have to get your head down and work hard. I feel eternally grateful to have been given the chance to experience living in SW Florida and yes it has been stressful but I am happy living in the sunshine and having all this space and meeting new people.

      Get yourself a good visa specialist and check out the web sites shown in previous posts, if it's what you want to do then go for it ! You only live once.
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