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    Thread: Help - we want to move to Florida!

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      With all due respect the OP asked for feedback and that was all that was given. Everyone has an opinion and if it differs from yours that doesn't necessarily make it negative if the situation IS less than positive. It simply makes it realistic feedback.

      I actually enjoy the Florida weather. In the winter months we are in the mid 70s whilst ovthers freeze to death. The summer months are fine for the first few years and from that point forward it all boils down to the type of individual. As there are people that don't like excessive cold there ARE people that cannot stand excessive heat/humidity.

      As I said, we are looking "...to move somewhere with less humidity and four seasons". This is not a negative, merely looking for something a little different. Add to that the fact my wife moved here 18 years ago so to be honest she has had enough of it and is itching to move away and see change in the weather.

      Oh, and air conditioning 'everywhere' doesn't help either of us much as we are both outdoor people and enjoy kayaking, climbing etc etc. I am not sure I would want to say I can enjoy being in a place as I am able to stay inside in A/C environment all the time.

      Liking the sun is one thing and I suspect people spend a week in Orlando and think "ooh, isn't this nice!". Well, yes it is nice. Just bear in mind thought that after 5 years of it the wonder of walking out into the baking sun can wear off a little.

      If you are a sun worshiper and cannot get enough of it then yes Florida is the place for you!

      As for my comment on the job situation this is to set expectations. Many seem to post in this site looking to get a job over here. Simply saying 'get your head down and work hard' wont help anyone get a work based visa. It also wont help the millions that through no fault of their own are now unemployed.

      Just look at recent mortgager numbers. 32% of ALL mortgages in the US are now for loans worth in excess of the property value. So, 32% of all mortgages are under water. It isn't pretty although I am sure the UK is little different.

      I do totally agree with the final few words "...if it's what you want to do then go for it ! You only live once."

      Good luck and I hope you make it to where you want to be.


      Quote Originally Posted by Shellident View Post
      I have had an interesting read about all the different people who have moved to Florida and all the negative remarks on the weather, yes it does get very hot here but having said that everywhere is air conditioned so what is your problem? Go back to the UK for a week and then compare it to what you have here, yes it is tough over here at the moment but you just have to get your head down and work hard. I feel eternally grateful to have been given the chance to experience living in SW Florida and yes it has been stressful but I am happy living in the sunshine and having all this space and meeting new people.

      Get yourself a good visa specialist and check out the web sites shown in previous posts, if it's what you want to do then go for it ! You only live once.

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      Florida Redhead
      Quote Originally Posted by daveandjac View Post
      ....there is a website called Emergrate and they have a show on at Aintree race course(Liverpool) at the end of September we are hoping to get some advice on weather it is possible....
      You spelled it wrong it's Emigrate.co.uk - Emigration news and Information

      I have one thing to say to you......be VERY wary of exhibitors at these shows. Most of them may be reputable I'm sure, but that's how some of the people operated who are now in jail over here......after cheating other Brits out of their money and their future.
      They were exhibitors in Shows at NEC, Olympia etc.
      These people had a legally established Corporation over here, and were telling couples how they could set up their own business under their Corporate "umbrella". The people signed the contract, handed over their money, moved to the US, waited in vain for the E-2 or H-1 Visas, but ended up homeless and penniless. If the people you talk to won't let you show a copy of the Contract to an independent REPUTABLE US Immigration Attorney before you sign, forget it.
      The reason I say that is the Companies I am talking about had their own attorneys for the clients, to "save you time and money"....but they were crooked. You might want to search
      "Brit developer jailed in visa fraud scheme"
      if you want to see how bitter these victims can get. Their victims were people in England who wanted to move to Florida.
      And this is only one of the cases. These were British crooks who sounded very convincing, but would cheat their own grannies. It has happened many times, and will again.

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      Wow what a huge reply I seem to have offended you Paul I did not mean to, 18 years in Florida is a long time to not like the summer months. I was just voicing my opinion there was no malice intended and get your head down and work is just a figure of speach. The path towards what you want in life is never really easy I just think it is good to try and be postive in life rather than negative.

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      I agree with redhead. Like most things in life that people want but can't always have, there are companies that spring up offering easy or quick solutions. In most cases these 'solutions' involve money that is non-refundable.

      It is little different from the "Lose 10 pounds in 10 days with only 6 miutes exercise per week, PLUS eat all the ice cream you want!!". Everyone wants the easy way. There are no easy ways that I am aware of but companies will promise you work, that they know someone that can make it easier, that you have HIGH chances of a lottery placement etc. It is all to get you to pay them money.

      Take this site...


      Do you want to know what they do? They charge you $500 so that you can fill in the I-751 form on their site. You then print it on your printer and mail it off in the usual manner. Why the hell someone would want to pay $500 to use their form instead of the free one from USCIS is beyond me but every year people do, they think they have found something 'special' that will give them an edge, it doesn't.

      Bottom line. NO one can speed up the process for you other than get you a job. If someone promises you a job in return for payment make damn sure you have a solid contract (which probably wont be worth the paper it is written on) and it is executed under the laws of the United Kingdom. Having to fight a company in New York is just not something you can do easily from the UK and in these instances you might as well wave good bye to your money.

      Whatever company you talk to, go to Google and type in XXXXX scam or XXXXX reviews to see what others are posting about them. Unfortunately you will find some negativity on just about every company in existence but some common sense should tell you that 500 posts, all saying they ran off with the poster's money should be a red flag!!

      After disagreeing with a lot of what Shellident had to say I will agree that getting a visa specialist is a good idea, depending on your circumstances. I myself used an immigration attorney but my situation was unusual. With SO many different circumstances it is hard to give a blanket suggestion.


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      Shellident, no offence taken. Just the heat and humidity today finally got to me, seriously!!!!

      I do TOTALLY agree with your positive attitude. Getting over here is VERY hard for most people and unless they have that they are in trouble from the start.

      Sorry if I got a little tetchy!

      Have a good one!

      Actually I did want to add this. I think I meant my attitude less to be directed at you (even though it was, sorry!) than those that think a) Florida is heaven and b) getting to the US involves filling in one form. Florida IS nice but like any place on earth has issues. I am worried about people that spend time in Orlando and then move their life to Florida expecting one thing and possibly getting another.

      Quote Originally Posted by Shellident View Post
      Wow what a huge reply I seem to have offended you Paul I did not mean to, 18 years in Florida is a long time to not like the summer months. I was just voicing my opinion there was no malice intended and get your head down and work is just a figure of speach. The path towards what you want in life is never really easy I just think it is good to try and be postive in life rather than negative.
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      Good post there, Paul.

      Have to agree with a lot of what you said there too
      From what I read here and a couple of other sites, there's plenty of people that suddenly think Florida is the paradise of the western world after they have had a couple of weeks at Disney and Clearwater on holiday. Reality is that it's not a holiday once you live in it permanently.
      The other thing is that when you're on vacation, you pay dollars when you earn pounds, and I think that gives people the impression that it's much cheaper to live here than it actually is. They don't realise that once here they'll be paying dollars and earning dollars, so dollars in and dollars out.
      Then there's health insurance, another financial responsibility that people don't have to worry about in the UK. Add to that the huge cost of home insurance and property tax, and it all looks less cheap.

      As for the heat and humidity, and lack of seasons? Yes, that definately gets mundane after a few years. To the point that on the odd occassion in the winter when I wake up and its a grey cloudy day outside I actually feel glad of the change.

      Like you I've always loved the outdoors and outdoor sports and pursuits, and that's definately not easy to do comfortably when it seems you're sweating out more per hour than you can physically drink in.
      As the saying goes, you can always put more clothes on to keep warm, but you can only legally take off so much to cool down.

      Air conditioning, yes it's an advantage inside, but wouldn't it be great to be able live without it for 11 months of the year rather than having to rely on it just to be comfortable for most of the time? My electricity bill would be nicer to look at too.

      I'm definately ready for a move Northwards again to somewhere with 4 seasons and not one, and we're looking at the options of that right now, a little bit of ski-ing in the winter would definately be a good thing to be able to do.

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      Thanks for your possitive words,I totally agree i may not get to live my dream but i will give it a go.

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      Thanks for your advice sorry Emigrate!!

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      Hello Angie,
      I am an American married to a Welshman and we live in South Florida.
      We CAN'T WAIT to get back to Wales!
      Does that tell you anything?
      It's hot here. So hot you can't breathe when you're outside, so you live in air conditioning.
      You can't take a walk. Too hot.
      You can't sunbathe. Too hot.
      Your electric bills are sky high. Too hot.

      Aside from the weather, and always having to drive to get to wherever you want to go, the cost of living is getting higher and higher. You'll have to have your own health insurance. That should cost about $6,000 per year per person.

      You can't travel out of South Florida by car without driving for at least 5 hours. And even then, you're still in the US.

      It's flat. There is no topography.

      You'll need jobs. Unemployment is 11% in this area.

      The only really good news is that the cost of a home is reasonable. For now.

      I really hate to dash your hopes, but I suggest you come and vacation in the winter, and return to the UK for a quality lifestyle.
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      Andy Chapman
      Wow that says it all, OK for a holiday prehaps but not to live.

      The Heat, thats Something you'll have to get used to.


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