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    Thread: Help - we want to move to Florida!

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      And I'll have to get used to the damp when we get to South Wales! Thank goodness the sun of southern Europe is just a cheap air flight away!

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      I'm not sure where in the US you originally came from, or how old you are but you're obviously not a native Floridian or you'd have a different view, so let's get this in perspective for everyone else's sakes:

      First- You CAN breathe in Florida, that's a fact or we wouldn;t be here. Yes it's humid a lot of the time in summer, but it's no worse than many of the other states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. actually humidity is just as high in Houston for much of the time.

      Is it hot in summer? Of course it is it is, it's Florida, exactly what would anyone expect from the US state called the sunshine state that's penninsular is the furthest south? But that's in the summer months, it's not stifling in winter. In winter time it's very pleasant and you can do plenty outside without sweating, hence the reason the state fills up with people from the Northern states for 6 months of the year.
      From the amount of people I see walking and jogging locally around me, it's certainly possible to take a walk outside. I run almost every day (yes somedays it's too hot to bother with it) and I hike 10 miles or more in the woods on a regular basis, so it's definately possible, but you do have to dress for it and you have to keep hydrated, and do it at the right time of day.
      Hey sunbathing is over-rated You don't have the need to lie out and sunbathe when you lie in it for 12 months of the year, or at least I don't. Working in the garden, walking, riding the bike swimming, all keep the tan there even in the cooler months if a tan is important to you. Hey, upside- the pool and the sea is always warm in summer though, and that takes the sting out of the heat.

      Electricity bills? Yes agreed, they are high, but they are in all the other hot Southern states in the USA. Bear in mind that up north they have A/C running in summer, and heat running all winter, so not much difference than FL in a lot of places. At least we only have to run AC.

      No Topography? I'd go along with that too for most of the Southern part of Florida, it's not pretty to drive through. The panhandle has a different look though. Of Course you're going to be in the US when you leave FL by land, (because there's only one direction out of Florida by land) but you say that as if it's a bad thing? I'd rather be travelling by car here than in Mexico. Plenty of variety and different scenery in NC or GA too. I don't bother with the driving thing if I can't do it in 4 hours by car, I fly, it's much easier and saves time.

      Jobs are hard to come by wherever you live, and the UK isn't exactly booming right now either. The US in general is suffering with unemployment, not just Florida.

      6K a year for health insurance? Seems pretty high to me. I know two sets of my relatives that have decent health insurance with the same ins.company and it costs them $250 a month which covers both the husband and the wife, that equates to 1500 a year each, but again the deductables are higher, so not great. Obviously the best way is to get a job with health benefits, but not everyone is that fortunate. IMHO the health system here (or lack of it) sucks when compared to the UK though. No free doctors visits etc.

      Just so as you know, I'm not a lover of living in FL either. I'm not keen on a lot of aspects of it, and am looking to move in the next year to a state that has more variety in it's seasons and a bigger variety of things to do outside (yep I like skiing and boarding as well as hiking, swimming, biking and running), but being totally negative about it is pretty pointless, that'd be kind of like moving to Alaska and then complaining about the snow and cold winters, right?

      Florida has a lot of things that won't suite everyone to live in. I think (like a lot of other people) the problem is that so many people come here on holiday from the UK and then think how great it would be to live here, cheap and warm and pleasant... whereas in reality it's a lot different when you actually live here all the time.
      I frequently meet Brits that have been here over 20 years though, so obviously not everyone thinks it's bad!
      I tell everyone that asks me whenever I go home, a two week holiday in the sunshine at Disney really isn't a true example of reality.

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      Hello, and thanks for your extensive reply. I think what was missed, however, was the humor. I don't hate Florida. I've lived here for quite some time. But you do have to admit that this past summer has been brutal. (We're in South Florida, 11 miles inland from the Atlantic.)

      I do ask you to check your numbers on health insurance, though. I am a 62 year old woman who does not have health insurance because I am a freelancer. My quote was $600 per month for insurance with a high deductible. When I was working, my share of the insurance was $475 per month, and my employer paid another $475. True numbers. My husband, a bypass survivor,is not insurable because of that. He's from Wales and is in real estate. Thus, the driving force to moving back to the UK.

      Perhaps my age propels me toward a quieter life. I know that in my 40s the thought of moving to Florida was the last thing on my mind. Now, in my early 60s, and still quite vital, I want to spend my next era in tranquility. I've lived in New York City. I've lived in Los Angeles. I love Europe and now want to explore more of it, which means driving to other countries, instead of to other states.

      Life is full of "different strokes for different folks" attitudes. And that's a really good thing. We may differ in our opinions, but thankfully, we're allowed to express them. But let's not look past the humor, let's not get into a dialogue akin to those people who scream at each other on cable television, but instead, respect each other's thoughts and the time they took to say them.

      I certainly don't want to dissuade anyone from coming to America. It's a wonderful country, and Florida is a lovely state. But as you said, you really do need to experience living here before making the decision to stay. It's not Fantasy Land, but it's certainly better than a lot of other places! And in the winter -- there's nothing better!

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      Sorry I missed the humour, but there was humour in my message too
      Hey as far as I'm concerned there isn't a summer here that isn't tough going, especially for someone like me that was brought up and used to the temperate Southern English climate, so I know what you're saying. To be honest, I just try and make the best of the climate and do what I want to do without letting it affect me too much. Like I said, there are days when I don't run outside because of the heat too, and of course in summer I limit that to early mornings before 7.00 am.
      I don't tend to do anything too physically exhausting outside between 11am and 5.30pm on hot days in summer, that wouldn't be fun. Biking is a bit different because I don't do so much of it in the summer anyway , but whatever I do outside, I"m constantly aware of the need to rehydrate here. I'm a long long way from your age too, and maybe I'd feel different if I was 60+.

      I can see why your husband would want to move back to the UK, the old "pre-existing condition" thing with the insurance companies here is a pain for a lot of people (literally), hopefully the president will get that fixed before he leaves office. I did run the numbers again, and just spoke to my relatives here, both confirmed it's just over 250 a month which includes the both of them, like I said, high deductable. I remember getting quotes when I first came here and they were around the same thing then. I guess age has something to do with it. Not sure about that. I know if you let coverage slip for more than 30 days it goes up horrendously. Personally I think the fact that we don't have a national health system in place here when we're in the richest nation on earth is somewhat of a disgrace. I get shouted down by some people for saying that.

      The US has so much in it, and so much diversity and natural beauty to see, but it's such a vast country that travelling takes longer, and I know what you mean about Europe, I haven't seen enough of it yet and eventually we're planning to move back to the UK to be nearer to Europe and it's culture.

      Florida is a cool place for a holiday, and for some things, but I certainly don't think it's paradise on earth to live in either, like many people think must be. When I go home to the UK, people there seem to think I live in this fantasy fantastic land of angels and unicorns with constant sunshine and cheap living. Not so. As you say it's certainly a diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks world, and I'm happy to listen to everyone's point of view without being critical, or rude. I'd say that a good many people who haven't lived here from the day they were born would agree with you and me that Florida's really not all that glamorous.

      Don't worry, I'm not into forum shouting matches, I'd be the last person on here to do that, I was just making a few comments on a post.
      Nothing personal.

      Have a good week. Peace out.
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