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    Thread: How do you ask for money from back home?

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      Cool How do you ask for money from back home?

      Okay, so every now and again I run into some issues with running low on cash and I need some help from back home. My mum is always a darling and helps me out but I always seem to have to come up with the most exaggerated reasons for why I need the money. For example, I got a flat tire while borrowing my mate's car and had to pay for it since it was my fault. I had to tell my mummy that it costed $300 which was a lot more than I actually paid. I felt bad that I had to fib but it's tough out there on your own in a new place and money seems to go quickly. I am curious of all the other expats out there: How do you ask for money? And what do you say you need it for?

      Looking forward to feedback, Cheers!

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      Florida Redhead
      What would you do without your Mummy?
      and how do you feel about lying to her?
      If you were my son, I'd tell you "sorry son, it was your decision to leave...
      ...if you can't afford a tire it's time to give up and come home."
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      Britxoomer can I ask how old you are? I have the total opposite with my son at the moment he is only 17 but keeps telling me he doesn't want to be "babied" for the rest of his life. Once you have left home I think you should stand on your own two feet. I am sure if you were honest to your mum she would understand, it would be the lying that I struggled with.

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      Bit of an old post there, but your folks have a habit of knowing when the going gets tuff with their kids, bleeding them through lies isnt the way to go, it might well bite you on the left cheek!