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      Wink how to live and work in the usa

      Hi i am looking to work and live in the usa what sort of visa can i go for ? I cuurently work in the nhs as a clinical community suporrt worker mental health what the possibilty of me getting work as a certified or nursing aide in the usa i have qualifications nvqs etc and have 18 years experiance. where do i start??
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      Hi, and welcome to Britsabroad.

      Not being familiar with what a clinical community suporrt worker mental health, actually is, I'm not really able to give you much information.
      Are you a Registered Nurse in the UK by any chance? If so there's a possibility of a chance of it through that.

      For a start here's a link to the USCIS site that will give you some relevant information - check out the employment based visa's link (permanent workers) under the "working in the US" heading
      USCIS Home Page

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      thanks for the reply no sorry im not a qualified nurse im the eqevalint of a certified nursing aide actually proberly higer would that get me in ?? can you come over to the usa and work aswell if you were a student ! stuyding in the usa ?

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      Hi, no problem :)

      Sorry to say that a CNA status isn't going to be eligible to obtain an employment based visa in the US.
      If you come to the USA on a student visa, you're a student and consequently that does not entitle you to work here at the same time.
      Yes, you could apply for a student visa to study to become a Registered Nurse here. People do that to obtain the certificate because they don't want to wait to be here, but it usually costs far more than doing nursing school at home thru the NHS to become a registered nurse. If you're working on the NHS now, would you not be eligible to train and do nursing school through them to get your RN status through them for free?

      Apparently right now (depending on who you listen to) at the end of the nursing degree, RN's currently stand a chance of getting employment on a working visa.
      An RN is a profession that is currrently eligible for a work based visa, but it's obviously all dependant on what the job market is like for RN's at the time you graduate.

      Food for thought, eh?
      Did you check out the link to the USCIS that I posted in the previous message?