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    Thread: Immigration firms - are they worth it?

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      For some reason our first application was rejected - even though we went through a lawyer, who said that it was one of the strongest applications she had seen. We can only think that the officer was having a bad day. I did get my visa and have lived here for a year next week, but I am definitely here for the love of a man and not the country! Maybe I just don't have the right sort of personality to settle here. Hopefully I will, now that we have a new home. Thank you for your interest. No one understands how difficult this is, unless they have experienced it.

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      Officers don't have "bad days". They have a set of rules to follow and boxes that they have to tick off. Maybe there was something in your original application that was throwing up a red flag to them.
      Believe me, evey immigrant to this country knows how it feels, even me. We've all been through it in one way or another, just because they speak the same language doesn't mean it's not a foreign country.. that's where a lot of people go wrong to start with.

      At least you're settled now, the new house might make a diference. Where are you based in the US?

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      I am in MA, about 45 mins West of Boston , but moving to near the R.I. line- I've been to Florida for my Disney fix twice this year! That's one good thing about being here!

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      It's nice up there. I like both RI and MA I'm down in FL.. way too hot here at the moment too.


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