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      Chris Young

      job search in america

      Me and my friend are trying to get a job in america, Orlando if possible. Is there anyone who can help us or give us some infomation?

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      Florida Redhead
      Hi Chris,

      Welcome. I assume you are in the UK.
      I have lived in Orlando for 17 years.
      Even Orlando natives are having a hard time finding a job.
      Soldiers returning from Iraq can't find work, and they get priority.

      If you've read the other threads on this "Brits in America" section, you will know how hard it is to get a work permit (green card).
      All the theme parks are laying off staff.
      Since the Real Estate, Banking and Mortgage Industries went down the drain, a lot of those people are out of work and looking.
      Retail is in a big slump too, stores closing etc. Car dealerships are going bust.
      Sorry to sound so negative, but I'm afraid the prospects are grim.
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      Hi Chris,
      Times are tough just as they are in the UK but as a lot of Americans here in California say 'The world's slowed down but is hasn't come to a halt!'
      There's still jobs to be had - my OH has too much overtime on offer and I've been offered more work than I know what to do with and I'm not even working here yet! It greatly depends a lot on what your skills are and how old you are but even if your unskilled you could look at the summer camp employers like Camp America - the pay's not great but some people have managed to secure jobs whilst here due to the contacts they made.

      I don't know what your situation is but maybe now would be a good time to think about what skills you have and if you need to gain more qualifications and experience for your long-term prospects.