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      Living in America??


      I am new to the forum and was seeking a little bit of advice on how I could increase my changes of gaining a permanent work visa for working/living in America? I have just graduated with a degree, but I gather this doesn't really promote your changes of being accepted for a work visa. I have no close relatives living there either, help!!

      Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!!

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      Hi. My family and I are hoping to wove to the USA too. However it looks as though our only way is through my husband getting sponsered by a company over there. The requirements are lots of experience which he has in IT. Thousands try to do this every year though. Me on the other hand am son to qualify as a Nurse but in the USA they want experience, as it may take a long time for us to get over there I may well have got hat experience by then. Ever thought about OZ they are crying out for people with skills over there. Can't convince my husband to go there although I would love to.

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      Hi kaz74,

      I certainly hope you get there, so good luck! I am ashamed to say I have never visited Australia, and therefore cannot imagine what living there would be like. I have travelled to America now many times over the past years and have got a real feel for it. The tourist parts are nice but the further go in and around the state you learn that the American people have similiar characteristics as to the Northern Irish. Their ability to overcome adversity and everything put in there way. I think this was the real reason for falling in love with the country (the sunshine just makes everything seem more endurable!) You only have to look out my window this morning to understand!!!

      Another day, another hidden tax!! The Labour Gov are even thinking of taxing internet usage? Once again, good luck and don't stop trying.

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      Andy Chapman
      Just a quick message to welcome the 2 of you to the Forum.
      There is also a great Arcade for a little competition so please
      feel free to join in.



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      Hi Angel,

      I too am about to graduate and would dearly love to move to the States but i am encountering the same problems as you. It is very very difficult particularly in the current financial climate.
      You could always marry someone byt that is probably a little un-ethical.

      Anyway, if you come up with any ideas than please let me know.

      Kind regards

      Good Luck


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      deryk hayward

      Health insurance

      Hi Everyone,

      I am married to an American citizen, and we moved to Monterey, California in February 2008. I have just had my final green card interview this week, and hope to receive it soon. The place is fantastic, as are the people and weather. The only fly in the ointment is health care, with a policy for 2 over 50`s costing $1,000 per month. Even this amount does not cover existing conditions, and does not guarantee full settlement of medical bills.
      We are semi-retired,and it is impossible for us to pay this much. When we left the UK we had 1 year of travel insurance,which expires soon, but to qualify for this again, we have to return to the UK for 6 months. This is fine, but I have since heard that I risk having my green card confiscated if I come backwards and forwards to the USA. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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      Cost of Medical Insurance

      Hi Deryk,

      I was made aware of the rising cost of medical insurance from friends who had lived in New York for many years. However, I had assumed this would be equivalent to around 200 per a family of four. They have been back in Northern Ireland for 6 years now, but I could not imagine that it would have increased that much over this period. I was wondering if this rate is because of being over 50 when first taking out a policy? and if you are able to start a policy at a younger age, does this have to be constantly renewed to take account of the new risk assessments as you get older? I would greatly appreciate any advice on this also.


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      Hi Anthony,

      Have you thought about studying in America? It would at least give you the opportunity to be able to establish contacts there. Ideal if you are single and young!


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      Hi Deryk,

      I have also heard about the 'problems' associated with medical cover... My hope is that I can secure a job with insurance benefits included.
      I'm not 'up' on all green card issues, but have heard that once you get it, you have to leave and then re-enter the US but then can't leave for 2 years.. or something??

      Wishing you all the best with everything :o)

      ~ Hope

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      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for the reply. Yes i have thought about studying in the states but it is very expensive. Although, this may be the only way to go..

      Many Thanks



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