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sorry, no advice here either, but would like a few pointers myself. I recently got a job at NYU Medical Department and visas permitting will be starting in May. I am on a waiting list for Uni accommodation but there is no guarantee. Any good places I can look for somewhere that is OK by proxy, ie over the internet and not seeing or meeting people in person. Also, since most apartments are unfurnished any good tips on being able to get good cheap stuff as soon as I get off the plane :o)))
We're over the other side on the west coast and Craigslist is how we found our apartment. There are a lot of scammers though so try and find one that's managed through an agency - they do advertise through Craigslist and they will be more willing to take a chance on you as you won't have any credit history for them to check, so they'll rely on Offer of Employment Letter and your Employment Contract. We furnished the whole two bedroom apartment for under $2000 from IKEA - stuff here is sooo much cheaper!!
When we got our Visas we were not permiited to travel before a certain date which was the 1st of October so I'm not sure which visa you're going for if you want to start in May?