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      Looking to move from the UK to USA

      Hi all,

      I am really coming on here to hopefully get some advice and tips from those in the know on moving to the states. I am a 28 year old man who currently works in Finance, who like a lot of people on this website has met a girl from Seattle and now needs to move over to be with her!

      I am not sure at all about what Visa possibilities there are. I know that to make a permanent move I would need to sponsored by a employer. Are their any sites that are set up to detail which companies look for foreign employees? I am currently training for my accountancy qualification and don't know if this gives me any kind of an advantage?

      I realise the above information is all a bit garbled, but my mind is a bit scrambled with all of the information out there!

      Thanks in advance.

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      Having read other threads, I have a feeling that the chances of me getting a move are very slim indeed. Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

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      From the information you have given your only way is to get married to her. For a work visa you would need a minimum of a degree or 12 years experience in a chosen 'specialised' field, finance is unlikely to cut it with USCIS as there are so many unemployed finance peeps over here. If you are thinking more long term, get your qualifications and get a job with a huge company with offices in both UK and US, work your way up to a position which offers the possibility to transfers over to the US...the bigger banks are a good one to look at for this ;)

      HTH and good luck!


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