Dear All,<br><br>My name is Richard and I am 40 years old and live in London, UK. We recently took a trip over to the USA (I have been multiple times previously and always loved the way of life out there). Anyway after our last recent visit the spark has ignited once again and I would love to immigrate over.<br><br>I am married (actually got married in Kentucky while we were there) and have 3 children (14, 12 and 3 years old).<br><br>We are currently exploring options on moving out.<br><br>My wife is a Teacher and actually has 2 degrees (1 in Teaching and the other in IT and Biological Sciences)<br><br>My background is 20 odd years as an IT consultant and more recently a general builder (plumber, carpenter, electrician etc)<br><br>We are fairly well off in the UK. We live in a house with equity of about 550,000. It is early days at the moment, but I would imagine we would sell the house to move to the USA.<br><br>I have done some research of visa's and I am probably looking down the line of the E2 investor visa that would allow us to enter the US fairly quickly. I believe this would allow my wife to obtain a work permit and for my sons to go to local schools.<br><br>I do not know which state we would end up in, we would need to research various aspects of each state (Weather, Schooling for the children, Jobs/Work etc)<br><br>I am self employed in the UK and run a small IT firm that also takes on house refurbishments, bathroom installations etc. So I would imagine I would be starting up my own company out there to do a similar thing.<br><br>I am looking for advise from someone who has followed the E-2 visa route. Do you have any suggestions on which immigration attorney to use ? or do I even need one ?&nbsp;<br><br>In regards to family, both myself and my wife have an uncle and aunt living in the US and are US Citizen's.<br><br>Lastly, years ago my mother applied which I believe was for an immigrant visa (her brother - my uncle sponsored her). It look about 15 years to get approval, but we eventually did. I had just lost my father at this time (1992) so we did not persue moving. I am not sure if I was named particularly on the visa but obviously would have been moving over there with them. I have paperwork to this effect and my father had been issued with a social security number. I am not sure if this would help my case as this was quite a few years ago and I now have my own family.<br><br>Why are we moving out to the USA ? To have a better life.<br><br>Any suggestions of comments for anyone who has completed the move would be appreciated.<br><br>Kind Regards,<br><br>Richard<br><br><br><br><br><br><br >