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      Looking for Recruitment Agencies

      Hello All,
      This is my first post. I am Canadian citizen moving to UK to be with my husband next month who is UK citizen. Our plan is to move to US eventually in 6-8 months time. He currently works as a Senior Business Analyst in UK. Just wondering what are the chances of him finding a job in USA? Where should we start looking?
      I understand we need to have a company sponsor him a work visa. Are there are Job Agencies we can work with which specialize in International hiring? ANy help and feedback is appreciated.

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      i dont see many of these agencies here (unlike the UK where there seems to be a ton of them).

      Many people will sponsor someone if needed and they are suitable but you would need to be here to be able to attend an interview. Usually only very highly paid jobs will look to do this as the dynamics of someone moving to a new country and deaing with the visa application has to be very worthwhile to the employer.