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    Thread: missed my date

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      missed my date

      Hi, I have an F1visa and i was ment to start at a collage in florida today. But i have been sick and was unable to travel,Had my flight booked and everything, I called the collage and they told me that they would have to cancel my 1.20, and that i would have to wait till the next semster which is like three months, now i dont know what to do as far as will they let me travel to the states on my visa, and start collage be it three months late and how will i manage if my visa is for two years plzzzzzz help im so wanting to go asp. Purple where are you when we need you lol
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      lol Panic over - I PM'd you on this one Kasley ;)

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      ahhhhhhhhhh what would we do without you Purple

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      Oh I think you'd manage alright Kasley, I'm not the only one that answers.
      From what I read I can see that Septicbrit and a few others offer perfectly relevant, and well informed information about US immigration and the probs attached to it.