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    Thread: On The Move

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      On The Move

      Hi, myself, husband and two teens are moving to New York state with my husband's work, hopefully we'll be there by early July. Does anyone have any tips on Education? Both my teens are educated to GCSE (or o~level as they were once called) and if we had remained in England would have gone on to do A~level, then hopefully Uni. We have seen 2 schools that we like the look of but have yet to visit them as we can't get over there yet to view them. If you are in the catchment area for the schools would this guarantee an automatic place for them? Any other advise or tips would be greatly appreciated. My hub's work have been fantastic in sorting him out and along with moving us out but no advise on what to do with the teens, also as I'm on my hub's visa I know I wouldn't be able to work but I was hoping to study and obtain a degree, if I was allowed to do this would it benefit me in the future in gaining employment? thank you:)

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      If youi're able to get a degree while you wait, when you come to eventually enter the job market here, it will undoubtedly help you. :)
      Contact the schools directly and ask the question. They must have a website or you wouldnt know about them ;)
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      Thank you for the reply, although I'm really excited about the move, I find it very daunting to, my sister said exactly the same, that I should contact the schools so that will be my next step (I suppose its the most obvious thing to do and if we were moving in England and the teens had to change schools, I wouldn't have thought twice about contacting new schools for them, as I know the system here and how to go about it, why I'm nervous about doing it in a different country is beyond me) and thank you for the imput into the degree side of things to, its good to know, not being able to work for a while will be good while we settle in and adjust but I think I would go stir crazy if I couldn't work for the entire duration we'll be living in the USA, hope you have a wonderful weekend when it comes :)

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      It can be daunting moving to a new place, nevermind a new country, but you'll be fine.
      It takes a little while getting used to things and how the system works over here (yeah, everything is different) but it can be fun too, and kind of like a holiday.. well at least until it wears off that is. ;)
      One of the good things about the US is that they're very used to immigrants, and most big organisations never seen to have a problem understanding that immigrants are a big part of their business and a way of life here. Schools and the education system are used to kids from immigrant families, and as we're the most transient nation of earth, they'll usually be able to help you out or at least to point you in the right direction.

      Good luck to you, and thanks for the weekend wishes.. mine starts tomorrow evening. :)