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      Move to US after University

      Having been to the US I have decided it is where I want to spend some of my life. So when I finish university (in 2 years time so the US will be out of the recession, employment might not be rising by then though) I want to go stay there for a while. I will have a degree in Business and Management but obviously no experience. I will also be 23 years old.

      But I have been searching the net. It does not look promising. Infact it looks almost impossible. I think I will buy a scratch card every day for the next 2 years in the hope that I win millions so the US government beg me to spend it or maybe I will rename myself Susan Boyle.

      Sponsorship seems the best chance, but I do not see who will want me. I will only be beginning my life in management. I had hoped to move over and get on the ladder and begin, that seems impossible to be sponsored for that. The dream was to move over and start off, assistant manager at starbucks or something:goofy: Maybe an office job.

      Its such a shame. I went to New York, 35% of the population are foreign. Their are Nigerians on the street corner working for comission and on no wage trying to get you on the tour bus. China town is full of hundreds of chinese selling illegal knock off watches and handbags to live. 13,000 taxi drivers, most foreign, working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet an educated Brit would not be an asset to US society

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      also additional question, do you have to get interviewed at the US embassy in london?

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi & Welcome to B-A, i can't personally answer your questions but lets hope some-one will be along who can. There are quite a few members here who live in America.

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      thanks, from research so far my chance is extremely slim and unlikely