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      Moving to America - Help


      I'm hoping someone can help, I'm looking to move to america within the next few years, but on investigation, I've noticed that one of the key things for getting a work visa or a work sponsor is that you need a degree, which I don't have. I have 5 years experience in IT & the Project management field and I have a diploma in another field (Archaeology) but I'm wondering if, without a degree I'm onto a bit of a losing battle?

      Can anyone help?

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      Hi and welcome,

      I.T. is a good area to work in when is comes to getting sponsorship and a visa AS LONG AS you have a speciality, project management is a tough one as there are loads here already who are out of work. You would have to have excellent qualifications, making sure that they were US recognised ones, Prince2 isn't well known here (I know this as I am a Prince2 Practitioner although can't work on my visa so not looked into what I would need in great detail). You would also need to make sure you have lots of experience ideally with big well known companies, banks are a good one.

      Without a degree you will need a minimum of 12 yrs progressive experience in your field, this would then be assessed by a company/college (university) and hopefully if they see fit they will decide it is equivalent to a US bachelors degree, if so this covers the lack of degree.

      Without a degree and that length of time it might be worth looking into transferring within a company, as long as you have worked for the company for a minimum of a year within the last 3 yrs and they have offices in both places and are willing, you can transfer across from the UK to the US, look into the L1 visa. If your current company doesn't offer that, look into companies that do.

      Basically for a work visa, USCIS is looking for the best of the best, so you have to make sure you are and stand out above USC.

      HTH and good luck!