Me & my wife are currently thinking about moving to Chicago, We are very new to this and not sure where to start or what to look at.

I am currently working for a financial company in London doing IT Support, I have recently been promoted to an Infrastructure Analyst . My wife is currently working in retail.

I have had a look at jobs in Chicago and there seem to be a lot for what I do, At first my wife would not work as we have a 2 year old daughter so she would need to be available to take to school and pick up.

A few questions I would like to ask are below, if you are able to help that would be much appreciated.

How does it work when buying a house in Chicago? What is the deposit % and do we both have to be working?
How much does Medical insurance roughly cost? Would I have to purchase this if my company was offering me this?
What utility bills are there when buying a house?

If anyone can give me some advice or point to me somewhere which can that would be much appreciated.

Thank You, Perry