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      Moving Family to Florida, can it be done.

      Hi all, I have just joined and was looking for some info. For some time I have considered moving to Florida to live and work ( I am 37 and have a wife and 7 year old daughter ) I have no degree however I am currently employed as an Insurance Claims Investigator/Loss adjuster fwith 14 years experience. Having read some info, it seems my only hope would be to receive a job offer and sponsorship from a company in America. Is there any hope of this happening ? There does seem to be a number of these positions available for some reason.

      Also, if I earn around 30,000 living a comfortable life in Scotland what would be the equivalent annual salary required to live comfortably in Florida.

      Appreciate the info at this stage is vague but anyhelp would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to B A G H hope it works out O K for U

      Well done Sheena always ready to help.

      Good Luck G H


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      Thanks for your help.

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      Hope you don't mind me chipping in here GH1!
      I'm also in Scotland and hoping to emigrate to the US... so if you get any brainwaves, or quick-fix miracles(!) would you pass them on to me too?? ;o)


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      Hi GH1,

      Sorry I didn't say hi earlier - been keeping a keen eye on the elections! Sheena has posted the links I would've recommended to you - definitely think getting an offer of employment and a sponsor is your way to go. I note you say you don't have a degree and although you have heaps of experience they will look at your qualifications as well.

      My husband got his offer of employment by asking around his colleagues in the UK for a contact in the US. He called the contact in the US and got referred to another company in the US. We met up with them when over on holiday and got the job offer. It can be done so keep your chin up!

      If you have any questions regarding our move I'll be happy to answer them.
      As for salary - my husband was on a similar salary to you in the UK and he's on double the salary here (we're in California) - he's a structural engineer so I don't know how that compares with your line of work.