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    Thread: Moving to LA- How realistic?

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      Moving to LA- How realistic?

      Hi everyone,

      I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I am 28, a librarian and am looking to move to LA. I do not have a degree but have years of experience and would like to work in the education/ information sector. I will be coming on my own as I don't have family or a partner who is American. If I manage to find an employer who will sponser me, how realistic is it that I will be able to move?

      I would like to move temporarily, for one year and then possibly longer. I would really appreciate any help and advice on how I can get a work visa.


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      It's extremely easy if you have $500,000 to invest that will give you a E5 visa and then they return your money after 6 years. Apart from that extremely extremely hard and expensive. The minimum to invest is around $100,000 and that gives you a visa for around three years you have to show growth of a business and employ at least 2 people.
      Sponsorship is almost impossible as the us economy is on the floor especially in California as it's a bankrupt state and they are looking at making jobs for Americans not giving them to outsiders.
      Sorrybicould be more positive but we've done this twice and believe me I know more about visas than I want to know
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      Good Luck to you! California is tough, maybe try a different state!
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