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      James 359

      Thumbs up Moving from the UK to Boston

      Hello all,

      I'm looking for some advice re: visas etc.

      There is the possibility that my girlfriend will be re-locating to Boston as she has been offered a job (Post-doc) at Harvard, probably to start around March 2011.

      I currently work in recruitment and was wondering how easy / difficult it would be for me to obtain a working visa in order to move to the US. What sort of hoops would I need to jump through and how realistic would it be?

      I believe it would be an H1B I would require? And before anyone asks, I am not looking to get engaged or married!

      Many thanks.

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      Have a look around on this forum and you'll find some answers to help you I'm sure. Not a case of hoop jumping and it's definitely NOT going to be easy if you are not married (oopsies!). Easiest way is to have a US company offer you a job.. but in the current climate (and being realistic) that won't happen to many.
      Good luck anyway!