Hi there people
I am looking at moving from the UK to Houston, partly due to Brexit and other personal details which I am not going to bore you with.

The question is does anybody have knowledge OR has used a reputable shipping company from UK to US.

The parameter are as follows.
It is hard to quantify the size, it is definitely not a 20’ container
The boxes are all "cardboard banana crates" please Google for description.
Each crate is circa 20" long x 16" depth x 10" high + / - 1"
They will contain the following;
Clothing - personal items - computer cabling - computer tower, 23”monitor box
The only exception would be a 4 tread yellow fibreglass steps total height when closed 50” and strapped shut.
A three metre long folding table when folded shut it measures one metre and strapped shut.
5 bays of slotted wracking all disassembled for transport and strapped together.
One corner desk and two draw units one either side.
1.6m x 1.6m the drawers fit underneath, items can be stowed inside the drawer
The desk is just a flat piece of wood, no brackets etc.
Three small tool boxes
I have my own sack barrow
There will be no transportation of any of the following ; white goods, i.e. small under worktop freezer, washing machine, fridge freezer, plasma television, leather three piece suite, or any aerosols of any kind.
In fact these goods will be going up for sale, later on.
All goods can be checked for customs clearance without a problem
In case of clarification please Google for description.
5 March is a notional date but it is definitely Houston Texas and definitely the first quarter 2019.
On shippers arrival all boxes will be packed and items strapped accordingly.
In all cases I will be on hand to help load and unload as required.

Any help in this matter will be much appreciated.