Hi I am new to the site me and my husband and potentially my two step children will be ages 21 and 18 are looking to move to America, we have given ourselves 5 year plan to enable us to clear any outstanding debts and save as much as possible as we do not want to sell our current property in the UK unless we have to. By this time the children will be adults and can chose which parent they live with not always easy. I have been looking on the internet to try and find where to start we have visited for the last 4 years and love Orlando we all play golf which is a big part of our lives. I am qualified AAT technician and my husband has his own engineering business in the UK which he would split down and sell off so we would have capital to purchase a house outright so no mortgage in America. He would like to change careers as he hates engineering he was thinking Plumber or Electrician or construction not sure if this are a good profession to have in the states? and I myself wouldn't mind changing career. Its just so difficult to know where to start we obviously cannot apply for Visa yet as were not ready, be great to hear from someone who has already done the move to offer any advice on the below
Health Insurance costs
Cost of Living average
Areas to Live in around Orlando
The usual questions I suppose be great to have some further advice I know a lot can be done on the internet always nice to get people thoughts
Thanks Kim