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    Thread: Moving from UK to USA. What to do?!

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      Moving from UK to USA. What to do?!

      Hi there! Was just looking for some information on moving from UK to USA..

      I was born and raised in the US. My fiancee is planning on moving here in about a year, once we get some financial obligations and other things sorted. We are not positive what we even need to be looking into to make this move happen! I know I read where someone said that marriage was an option to make things easier overall when it comes to her citizenship. I was wondering, does anyone know if Civil Unions possibly count in this? Or does anyone know where I may be able to find some answers? We plan on getting married (or taking whatever we can get) at some point, but will do it sooner rather than later if it will help with this process.

      When it comes to job skills, she has done quite a bit. Factory work, worked in multiple bars, worked as a security guard, and for the past few years has been running a printing business with her ex-partner. Which she will be possibly staying on as a silent partner and just hiring in a part-time worker to replace her section of work. This way she still has an income until we can get everything sorted out here. We considered her starting her own business, or branching her current one out, but it would just be insane cost-wise to replace all of the equipment.

      We are planning on 12-18 months to make this all happen. She has a divorce to start/finish. The business side of things to sort through. Save up. As well as figuring out all of this visa business. It's kind of daunting, but figure that we should get a start on looking into everything that will need to be done so we can plan the best approach to all of this rather than wait until last minute.

      I would greatly appreciate if anyone could possibly give me some advice on this matter! Thank you :)

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      Welcome to Brits Abroad! Bumping this one for you, Pink is our resident US expert, I hope she reads this!
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      Sorry for the late reply, I have been on my hols :)

      You won't be able to do anything until she is divorced. Once that comes through there is either the option of the Fiance visa (K-1) or the marriage visa (CR-1), the marriage visa is quicker and easier I believe. There is no civil partnership/union visa. The only other option is to start or buy a business but you have discounted that due to the costs. Based on the list of jobs you said she has had she wouldn't get a work visa.

      HTH and good luck :)
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      hey there, i moved to the US in october on a marriage visa (my wife is from here) it took around 6 months to do and my wife had to be my sponsor and show that she was able to support me. This is the easiest way to get around it. You have to show that you are earning above the poverty level for the US. The only draw back was that I had to stay in the UK while the visa process was happening. My wife stayed in the US and I wasn't able to come and visit during that time. Everything happened quickly once the process started though as we did all the forms electronically, only having to post origional documents to Dallas, where they were eventually sent to the embassy in the UK. Also, when i arrived here it took an additional 6 weeks or so for my green card to arrive and your ssn is sent automatically as long as you request it in the forms. As for working, the fiancee visa and the marriage visa both automaatically give you work visa's. The fiancee visa is more long winded to do and you have to apply for it in the UK, come over on a visitors visa on the proviso that you get married within 90 days. once you do that, you have to apply for an adjustment of status and then you will get sent a work permit. Again, on this visa, you need to be her sponsor and be earning above poverty level. I think it is 125% above. If you want to be together while the process is going on, then this is the one to go for. Although it is considerably more expensive than the marriage visa. Incidently, if you do go for the marriage visa, you are allowed to visit the UK while the process is going on.
      Hope this helps in decision making. Good luck!!!

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      Does anyone have any helpful advice on what kind of resume/cv to use when applying for jobs in the us?
      I'd likely get a working visa whilst there, but it would be handy to know I could get a job before getting one! What sort of thing do I include in the summary or layout, if anyone else here as done this? :)