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    Thread: Moving to the US

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      Moving to the US

      Hi, i want to move from thr UK and live with my American girlfriend but not marry yet,i want to work,can i get a green card,i have been told it is unlikely,can anyone give me suggestions.

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      me to!!

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      Guys, in short unless you are loaded ($1M to invest), own a company (that will employ 10 Americans), have a close relative (brother/sister/parent) that is a US citizen that is willing to sponsor you the chances are slim.

      There are other ways and I came to the US on an O-1 visa. This is where your skills are considered to be exceptional and in short supply in the US. This is a highly unusual route though and I was lucky.

      Go to the USCIS Home Page site and check out the various visa that exist. This link below should be a good starting point.

      USCIS - Permanent Resident (Green Card)

      Good luck,
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