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      Huh? moving to the US with a criminal record?


      Maybe someone on here can help? my girlfriend / live in partner, who is a doctor, has recently been offered a job in the US, she is very keen to accept it but im a little worried about an investigation by trading standards which my business is currently been investigated for.

      It is a trademark infringement case, which although doesn't sound too serious could potentially get me time in prison. My solicitor thinks that i am just going to get a warning which i can either accept (but get a criminal record) or i could not accept and fight it out in court, of which he thinks it would be thrown out (but he would say that as he wants our money).

      So i have a dilemma, do i accept the warning and let it ruin my good reputation and my chances of moving to the US with my girlfriend or do i go though months of a stressful court case with the chance that i may be found guilty and lose my house etc. What i really want to hear from you guys is if a criminal record will have a detrimental effect on me getting a green card?


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      Sounds as if the crime itself is open to interpretation of whether it would be waiverable or not especially as the outcome of your case and your chioce is uncertain right now.

      IMHO I think you need to provide the full details to someone that's actually properly qualified to answer the question so it doesn't mess your plans and life up. Consult an immigration lawyer in the US and let them advise you professionally.

      Sorry that's all I can suggest.