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    Thread: moving to usa

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      moving to usa

      hi there i am been trying to find a way to go live with my boyfriend i have not been with him long but it is love at first sight and i cant live with out him i am a single mum with no way to get there and and no one can pay for me to come over so i am stuck n the uk where my heart it with himi need help and advise on how to go be with my true love forever

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      The only way youll be able to get over there for ever is a greencard, Now the easiest way to get one of them is marriage... Im not sure what else i can suggest unless you have a degree or something in a specific field that would enable you to be picked up by a company?

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      marriage i looked into and it needs u to betogether and have proof that u have met ie photos now we have not met but we are always on video and together day and night on video so it is as good as meeting in real life and it was love at first sight for both of us

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      From what you have said you don't stand a chance, sorry to be blunt! Unless there is something you aren't telling us...maybe you are published scientist or something?!

      For the marriage route you are right you will need LOTS of proof!