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    Thread: moving to usa

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      moving to usa

      hi all me and my partner are wanting to move to the usa but not sure how to go about doing it im a support working for ppl with mental health and the elderly i also a beauty therapys level 2 i have other qualifications. in end off life care level 3 so if anyone can help that would be great thanks

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      Hi Toni and welcome to the forum. Pink is our resident guru on America along with a couple more members so hopefully they will be along soon. We are in Australia so can't help sorry.

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      Hi and welcome Toni,

      There are several ways to 'emigrate' to the USA, non of which are easy or cheap. From what you have said so far it isn't looking good, your job and qualifications are far from what is required for a work visa I hate to say. Here are a few options:

      Family - Immediate family such as parents, siblings or children, although the wait can be 10-12yrs depending on which visa.

      Work - The easiest option is transferring within a company who has offices in both the UK and the US. The other option is being offered and sponsored for a job and visa, this has lots of requirements such as a degree or equivalent etc.

      Investment - Either through buying and running a company (this doesn't lead to permanent residency) or by investing a large amount of money ($500K+) into a specific company with a high risk of loosing it.

      Diversity Lottery - Doesn't apply to Brits, but does apply to the Irish. Although there is talk of it being cancelled.

      HTH and good luck :)