I know there are hundreds of threads on advice moving to America but was wondering if someone could help me out.

I am 24 and have been working as a data analyst/administrator for roughly 4 years, with experience in SQL, Access, Excel, Salesforce. The only problem being is I dont have a degree
I was looking into the H1B visa and found contradictory advice. Some say you need either a degree or 4 years work experience and others say either a degree or 12 years work experience?

I would rather not have to go to university but I am not 100% against it as I am still relatively young. I would in that case try and go somewhere in America.

In terms of family I have cousins and an Aunty in Texas but no immediate family.

Would qualifications in my relative fields help? IE certified in SQL or Salesforce? My current company in England is an Accountancy and also said they would pay for me to do accountant qualifications if i wish to do so (ATT etc), would they be helpful or is it literally a degree or nothing?

Many Thanks,