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    Thread: Moving to the USA from the UK

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      Moving to the USA from the UK

      Hi, I am hoping for a little advice. I really want to move to America, but am completely stuck where to start. I don't have any family out there. My husband is a director of a data cabling company, and it seems to be a really difficult job to search for because there are so many variations of the role, so I am struggling to find any sites where I can search this and where he could apply.
      Could anybody please help me with this? Also, I have two children and my eldest is starting school next september, so ideally I would like to be there before this, but don't know how long it takes to get visas etc. I could really use some help from someone who has been through this and moved from scratch.
      Many thanks

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      Hi Gail.

      I may be able to assist you guys on the working front. I am a recruitment manager for a large multi-national. If you want to talk more about positions for your husband I am more than happy to accept his CV and review it to see where we may be able to place him. Its not unusual for American companies to sponsor the right candidate.

      Let me know if you want some help.
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      Hi Gail,

      Firstly don't worry about schools, they start a year later here (US) and most start the year in August too. The best thing your husband can do is network, online such as LinkedIn is a good place to start. Does the company he work for have offices in the US that he could transfer too? Or even start up a US office? If he is looking to start working for another company the visa has already capped for the Oct 2012 start so the earliest he would be able to start is Oct 2013, if he qualified for the visa. He could also look into companies that have offices in both the UK and US, get a job with them and hope that he can get a transfer once he has been there long enough (minimum of 1yr).

      HTH and good luck!

      P.S. If you want to know anything else about moving as a family or work visas just ask as that is what we did 9.5months ago ;)