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      mulit skilled engineer wanting a move

      hi everyone,

      just joined the site after thinking about moving to the US to work.

      after looking on the internet i cannot find much information on how to go about such a task.

      i have a bsc degree in sports engineering, basicly an engineering degree but with a sport element

      my current job is a design engineer / quality engineer / toolmaker and cnc operator working in the aerospace industry

      does anyone know if a there is a shortage of jobs in these areas and if someone with my skillset would find work easy.

      also could anyone give me link or website which would help me find out some more information on how to get started.

      i am not fussed where in the US i go just want a new start



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      Hi and welcome Tom,

      I can't help with your area of work, sorry! Try google.com, that should bring up job websites. www.indeed.com and www.monster.com are a couple but I am not sure how specialised those are. I know www.dice.com is a tech job website, but i suspect that's mainly I.T. jobs. Networking is a great way to make contacts etc, make sure you have an account on LinkedIn and join the appropriate groups for your occupation, you should get some idea from there to how the job market is.

      Think very careful about why you would like a new start in the US, what exactly are you expecting to be better? I don't want to put you off, but the majority of people who expect life to be better end up being very much mistaken.