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    Thread: My Education

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      My Education

      Hi there! So my Dad recently got a Job in California USA. He's going over there once visas are sorted, and then there's a wait time until we can go over too (I think this is the period in which they clear our visas). I don't really understand how the Visa application works for me, my mum and brother and his explanations have been vague. Will we go under his Visa? Or a similar type of Visa? also will I need to get a student Visa If I want to study in America? This raises the question as to whether or not I would be an international applicant for colleges or not if we move over there. We're essentially relocating, and I've found little if any criteria as to what an international applicant is. I would appreciate any answers, or prompts as to what I need to be researching. Thanks!

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      Hi and welcome

      Sorry cannot do a quick reply, but got a couple of things I need to know first to be more helpful.

      1. Which visa is your dad going to be on?
      2. How old are you?
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