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      my first post..questions about usa

      what is my first step to getting the ball rolling.......myself and my partner plus our 16 and 10 year old son would like to move to america...we have been told we need to find somebody that will show us the way..legal fees,getting visas,work,home etc...can any 1 suggest a good solicitors too us? sponsors?just want to get on the right path......any help would be great...

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      I don't have this information, but am looking into the same. Let me know if you find anything of interest, I will do the same. It's a minefield!!!

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      hi there ,i agree it is a minefield....where to start would be a good starting point.being told so many different things,,good luck,b nice to keep in touch..

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      Not much help but have you looked here http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Defense/Citizenship.shtml..

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      Hi, :)

      The first thing to consider is do you qualify for a visa or green card?

      Do you have immediate family (such as parents) who are USC's?
      Do you qualify for a work visa? Have a degree or 12+yrs in a specialised area?
      Do you have 500K going spare that you are happy to loose? (Investment visa)
      Do you have the money to buy a business and run it? (this however doesn't lead to a green card)
      Do you work for a company who has US offices that you may be able to transfer too?

      Those are the basics you need to overcome first. If you can answer yes to any then you have a small chance of moving to the US, if not I am afraid it's unlikely....The USA is known for being the hardest country to move too!

      Another thing to consider for the OP is that your children will 'age out' at 21yrs, if they do not have a green card and are say tagging along on your green card they will have to either go back to the UK or qualify for a visa in their own right....believe me this one scares me as I have 3 children although the eldest is only 11!

      Just don't pay out for anything unless you really know what you are doing, there are a lot of dodgy companies about :(


      Vicki :)