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    Thread: A New Life!

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      A New Life!

      Hi all,

      Well where shall I start, Firstly I am new to this and if I go on a bit I do apologise,however I need some advise please.

      About me, well im 27 years old, single, live with my family I dont pay any rent, rates and theres always food on the table - bliss life I hear you say!.....for some it maybe...

      I hold a full education from school GCSE's, A college GNVQ and a University Batchelor of arts degree (with honours) in Business and Human Resources Managment (2:1)

      Since graduating in 2004 I have had a few jobs within customer services, the health sector, retail and within events management. I am presently still working full time, however my job is just "a Job" theres nothing exciting about it.

      I Feel that I need a new lease of life and wish to explore whats out there.
      Although the UK is a nice place and I have been born and raised here, my life is crying out for change, while im young free and single ;) I think this is the best time for me to make a change and take a chance.

      I ask for some assistance please,what fields should I explore, I do feel theres much more to me than working in an office job, ideally I want to start my own business abroad. Will my qualifications and experience allow me to do this in the USA?, what other options can I take?

      Your feed back will be appreciated..


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      You sound to be in the same boat as me however I'm a few years older...
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      Hi Morbidstar,

      Seems like theres two people travelling on this journey :)

      How long have you been in persue of this migration, any luck, any tips or hints? I think with the credit crunch things will be difficult as this moment in time.

      Have you had any success yet?

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      Hi, DSB

      You have a degree which is a big help over here.

      You'll probably have realised that you need a visa to come here if you're doing more than just having a holiday for a few weeks, and I'm sure that you already know a job here isn't so easy to get now as so many companies are cutting staff rather than hiring, but don't be totally discouraged. If you can get a job there in the UK that has offices here eventually if you were in the right position, you may be able to get an intercompany corporate transfer, but realistically you will need specialised skills.

      Of course, you could always find a nice American that you want to marry, and then you'd probably have no trouble emigrating here at all

      If you haven't already done so, why not check out www.uscis.gov and see what you qualify for or what might suit your thoughts? All the options are on there and a smart person like you won't have any trouble negotiating the site and its mass of information on visa's.

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      So degree's help?

      I have a BA(Hons) in design which was a 4yr course they decided to squash into 3yrs. So technically it is classed as both which is confusing. I also have a hnd in graphic design and have industry experience as working as a ceramic tile designer as well as product design and now making my own craft jewellery type stuff

      Do you think I could get in on the speciality job market.?

      Saying that though I have changed my mind on what i'm wanting to do with animals and about to embark on training in dog grooming and canine behaviour/dog training course..

      Godammit I will get in if it kills me....lol

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      Yep, a degree definately helps if you want to get a job here, and if you want to get a corporate transfer nowdays, it'll probably push you towards the management position that would allow for that kind of move, for instance, you can't just transfer to the US as an entry level employee.

      Not quite sure what jobs would be considered "specialised skills", but you would be looking at management level. Hey if you're a designer that's engineering capable, then I've heard NASA are always looking for good people .

      Keep doing the research if you're totally serious about it, and remember, perseverence is going to be a necessity too. :)

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      Hi Both,

      Thank you for replying, It seems that even with certain skills, within this economic climate it is still going to be difficult. My job itself is not of a certain skill therefore that path is going to be difficult for me to take.
      Also the company I work for is only based in the UK.

      For those of us who wish to migrate, will getting into a "skilled" job be worthwhile in this current economy.............?

      Is there anyway of contacting companies throught this site???? would there be anyone on here who would be prepared to sponser those from out the USA???

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      Hey DSB,

      Sure the economic climate is slowing down the job market here, big time. Not only here but there and elsewhere in te world too. I still hear of people that seem to have corporate transfers to the US though, (saw one in this section a week or so back) so maybe you need to think about a change employer with a view to finding a job with a company that has locations internationally, they're still out there.

      Maybe Andy, or one of the other Moderators could answer your questions about finding employment overseas through the Britsabroad website

      If you google it, you'd probably find that there are plenty of sites out there that are offering loads of jobs abroad, but not sure how legit any of those sites are, and there's plenty of scammers out there too.