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      It'll be easier if I'm straight forward about it.
      Your chances are pretty well nil if you're hoping to get into the US because your husband is a Bricklayer. Brickies here are like brickies there, self employed and good people (well most of them) but not at all in demand, or sponsorable. Your husband would have to have special skills, and any company that was interested in taking him on as a permanent member of staff would have to prove why they needed him above all the other out of work bricklayers and stonemasons there are here. Sorry, but your chances of living in the US on this type of visa are extremely unlikely, no matter how good he is.

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      Yes research is showing that is looking very difficult. My best friend is going to have a chat with her cousin as he runs a construction company in LA and see what he thinks, although she has said work for him has been slow over the past 2 years.

      We are now considering Canada as an option but I understand they have just changed the list. I was told by the lady at GlobalVisas that he had enough points and wouldn't need a job offer.....but when I look this up I am not so sure. I don't want to hand over money and be misinformed, can anyone help?


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