Hi All,

My husband who is British is an employee for U.S company in Afghanistan. He is paid in U.S Dollars and has U.S bank account. We (wife and 2 kids) currently live in Spain and we are in the process of purchasing a house in Tennessee. We no longer have any ties to the UK and it is getting annoying constantly losing money in conversion to euros. My husband has tasked me with exploring ways of getting us living in the U.S. My questions are about whether it is likely to be a better idea to set up camp in the U.S (if possible) or stick it out somewhere else in the world. My husband is an Aviation Electrical and electronic engineer and I am a stay at home mum who homeschools the kids. So many options available, but just wondering if you have any advice on whether it would be wise to pursue living stateside. Sorry for the vague explaination. Thanks in advance.