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      Our first earthquake!

      Although we've been to the San Francisco Bay area many times before since moving here last year I've been nervous about earthquakes. Never felt one before and didn't ever want to have that experience but it's kind of a given living here. Everyone here's been telling me not to worry about it, that it'll be fine.

      Well it was our wedding anniversary on the 5th Sept and we were sat in one of our favourite restaurants on the waterfront and we had our first earthquake!! Everything kind of slide forwards and backwards for a few seconds and the building was creaking. It was over so quick we didn't have time to get scared. It was just the weirdest feeling. So for the first one it was pretty cool. I feel far less worried now.

      And if anyone's wondering why on earth anyone would live on an active faultline - come and stay here for a few days and you'll soon get it!!

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      It was fine - I didn't even spill my strawberry daiquiri!!

      Talking about screaming the place down I hear you get spiders AS BIG AS YOUR HAND in the house??!!

      There are tarantulas here in California but thankfully not this close to the coast. Saw one crossing the road in Sequoia National Park while I was driving!!

      I would die if we got them in the house!! Give me earthquakes, coyotes, rattlesnakes and mountain lions any day!!

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      Ugh! Im not venturing anywhere where there are big spiders.
      The only thing we seem to have here is copious amounts of mozzies.

      I think they boil everything else up in a pan and eat it lol

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      Errrrr! Sheena, i would have been borderline hysterical for sure.
      Just the thought makes me shudder.

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      I'm not sure a hoover for 100 spiders would be enough for me - I think a flame-thrower would be better!

      I guess we've all got our limits as to what we can cope with - I chose earthquakes over spiders!! I did see a programme on National Geographical channel the other day where a tribe hunt, cook and eat tarantulas - they give the flame-charred legs to babies to get them used to the taste!

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      Mw neither.

      I have noticed when walking round the fish and meat markets here, they have these huge frogs for sale. Its a bit sad really because they are still alive with their feet tied up to their bodies so they cant escape.
      It seems thet are popular on the menu here.....er, no thanks, not for me!