Hello, I have looked many times at the USA immigration website and looked at the types of visa's available. It seems that its not easy to move to the USA even if you are confident you are financially secure.

I have a lot of assets in the UK as well as a lot of liquidity which would allow me to purchase a place in FL and maintain my lifestyle without needing government support. I also own a successful UK business which I do not need to be present that much as the staffing and procedures has the business running without direct supervision.

Does anyone know if there are any other routes of entry to the USA if you can prove your assets/income?

I am only 46 so not yet retired, planning retirement at 55 but wanted to relocate to either USA or maybe Portugal/Spain/France if I can't get into USA before my children 8, 12 & 14 get involved in any relationships or enterprises which would stop them wanting to move with us. I wouldn't want to relocate in 10 years time when the kids probably won't be able to come with us due to their own social and work commitments.

Any advice or information would be appreciated.