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      Really Want to Move to US

      Hi All

      I'm new here and have been reading the forum with great interest. I don't think I stand much chance, but I'd really love to move to America.

      I left school at 17 for various reasons and went straight to work. I've now got 8 years behind me as a broadcast journalist - four years of which as an editor. I've just been made redundant and have gone back freelance. I also do voiceovers and have done some work for US companies, which I've done from here in the UK.

      I want to study some A Levels at home, as I now have the time. I do have 10 very good GCSE's behind me, but I know they don't count for anything. I would have financial backing should I be able to go, as I could sell my flat.

      I know the media industry is tough at the best of times, but any help would be very much appreciated.

      I have been to Florida several times and just love it there.

      Thank you
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      You could try applying for a student visa or vocational training visa, and studying here in journalism or media, there may be a work opportunity for you if you had US accreditation behind you.
      Sounds like you have a pretty varied experience in work, the A-levels may not even be necessary to get into college here.
      You could also try contacting the US companies that you have done work for to see if they have any openings for you, if they have it may be that they would sponsor you for a work related visa.

      Try www.uscis.gov for the various visa options that may be available for you.

      Hope that helps.
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      Florida Redhead
      Quote Originally Posted by sharonuk View Post
      I know the media industry is tough at the best of times........
      Understatement of the century!

      I worked for Yorkshire Television for 6 years, doing the payroll and artistes payments. I put the payroll and accounts on computer, then was sent up to Tyne Tees to do the same there. That gives you some idea how long ago that was.....But it was fun, I loved it.

      Many years later, after living in Mallorca, I moved to London where my American husband was stationed. I did payroll for London Weekend Television to begin with, then advanced to management in Production Finance, doing program budgets.
      LWT sent me (and other managers) on several courses at a local College to learn camera and sound ops, VTR and soundtrack editing, and all other Studio ops.
      This was in case of Union strikes, so management would be able to keep the studios operational.
      So I had several diplomas, also a degree in English which never seemed to do me any good.
      During several visits to my in-laws in Florida, I wrote to a TV Station in Orlando, made friends with my equivalent there, and got invited to spend a day with her at work.
      I discovered the Television industry was completely different in the USA, but I was willing to learn.
      By the time we moved to Florida I had a green card almost immediately.
      I applied to every TV and Radio Station in Central Florida, got a few polite replies, thanking me but they had no suitable vacancies.
      I kept trying, filled out many applications, rewrote my resumé, sent proof of my qualifications and glowing references, to no avail.

      Fortunately I am adaptable and had already got my Real Estate License, and a job in an Irish Gift Shop which I was offered because
      (quoting the Manager) "you look Irish"....
      I also signed up with an agency and did some voice-overs, commercials, and bits as a movie extra.
      I couldn't have done any of this without a green card.

      I have had dozens of interviews in Florida, nobody was ever interested in my education or qualifications from England.
      They only wanted to know what experience I had in the USA.

      I've had numerous jobs....the most fun was working for Mr Arnold Palmer at his Bay Hill Golf Club and Lodge.
      The best Boss ever, and such a gentleman.
      Now winding down to retirement, I am an independent contractor, doing several jobs on contract.
      I can write off many of my expenses, and life is pretty good.
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