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      James H

      seasonal work in the US

      im writing to find out if there is anyway of taking a break from my job as an electricain in the uk and going to the US for aprox 2 months working in an ordanary basic pay job, like in a hotel or behind a bar.
      ive been on websites like hilton hotel and marriot and they seem to advertise seasonal work, would this be the right road to go down. i understand i would have to apply for those jobs and be accepted to be successfully, if so what visa would i be looking for?

      i hope soemone could give me the advice i need.

      regards James

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      Andy Chapman
      Sorry James but there's not much chance in you getting to the US for just 2 months or any longer come to think of it.
      So many have tried and failed it's so difficult to get into the USA now days and they would rather give work to their own citizens before looking at any other immigrants.

      It maybe worth taking a long holiday there and ask about.

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      James H
      alright thanks for taking the time out to reply to my thread.


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      Quote Originally Posted by James H View Post
      i hope soemone could give me the advice i need.

      The visa you want is the H2b.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Septicbrit View Post
      The visa you want is the H2b.
      You're right, it is the visa he would want for a 180 days stay.
      The chances of getting work once he's here (assuming it's issued)? Depending on where he goes in the US, extremely limited.
      I know a few people that are in the unemployed category, and casual work isn't available like it was a few years ago.