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      Some help and Guidance if that's possible........

      Hi there, Great to be part of a site such as this, good to be here I hope all is well with you guys??

      I am currently in an interview process with a US based Footwear firm, and want some help in how I would go about working Visa applications.
      I have been developing footwear for 15 years, after completing my degree here in UK. Lots of specialist skills, and a lot of experience too. I'm 36, single, and want to understand what I can/can't - should/should'nt apply for to be able to work in the US.

      Can anybody help me, I would really appreciate the assistance. Orko42

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      Hi Orko, and welcome to Britsabroad! :)

      From what you are said, I'm going to assume that you are being offered a job in the USA with the company that is interviewing you?
      An H1-B would be the usual visa when it comes with a job offer. Basically, if the company offers you a job here within the US, then they will also petition for the visa for you. You have the required educational qualifications, and from what you say the experience in the field in which you want to work, so it's all down to what they offer you and what the USCIS say.

      Meanwhile, try this link for a bit of basic information USCIS - Green Card Through a Job Offer

      Shout out with any other questions, and we'll try and answer them for you.

      All the best

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      Thankyou Purple for your kind welcome, many thanks,

      I appreciate I am at early stages in this process but wanted to be aware of how best to approach this before I get too headlong down the path. I will check out the link also and get back to you with any questions once I reach the next stages with this company.

      Great to be part of this, and I'll be sure to keep you posted and come back to you with anything else that springs to mind too if that's cool.....

      Stay happy, and thankyou again, Orko42

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      Hey Orko!

      It's always good to be prepared and it sounds like you're managing that.
      Hopefully things will fire ahead for you and you'll get what you want. A move here to the US would be a great experience for you, and keep life interesting ;)
      I'm pretty sure that any company that is interested in you and who knows that you are based in the UK, will also be familiar with the idea of petitioning for the visa for you. Lots of people come to the US like this every year. Hope the link helped, be sure and let us know how you're getting on with things as they happen.

      All the best to you!