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      Thumbs up Start again in the US with Not Much.. PLZ HELP

      K well, as my title says. im looking to start again(as alot of ppl are) in the united states. i take with me nothin but a driving license(yh i know probably not gonna help) 1 years experience working in retail and 1 yes ONE GCSE in maths... and im guessing at the very least about 1,500.00
      I have a friend that lives in the US aswell and is looking to move out from home and we would preferably like to move in together into a rental apartment or sum sort and try and support each other through this most difficult time. she has nothin just like me(yh great start i know) except i guess couple of bucks like me. i have gone through some sites suggested by ppl in this forum to others in a similar situation and i personally cant find much help..
      so in turn make my own thread in hope that someone would help me, not just by providing links but by steps or somethin of the sort in this sticky situation. if u need more info let me know. help would be more den appreciated.. thanks for reading....
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      no replies yet .. any help would be great...

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      I don't see any plan here on the sparse information you have given. Unless you are already a USC or the friend is a USC of the opposite sex and you marry him/her, then it will definitely -- as opposed to probably -- end in tears.

      If you're going to be poor, it's far easier to be so in the UK.

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      well i was hoping to get a job and so was the the other chick and live in a 2 bedrooom apartment together, uno help each other with things and then slowly prrogress from there, i.e find friends, find gf, find a place and uno.. live life. but i dont think id be able to hop over to the us with no job lined up or anythin lined up b4 i get der.. is there any way to get a temporary visa to come there and den find a job or anythin of the sort???
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      There's not really any way that you'll get a temporary work visa.
      As the poster in message 3 said, unless you marry a US citizen, you're almost certainly on a hiding to nothing.