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      Happy Study in America

      Hi Everybody,

      I am currently in the UK and want to continue my studies in the USA. I have a question in regards to me getting an Student loan. Can i get a loan in the UK to study in USA.



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      Have you tried asking your bank there in the UK?

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      hey Dreamgirl

      u cant get a student loan to study in for a degree in america but if you study in the US for a semester or academic year as part of a British degree then u get more student loan- about an extra 800 to cover the additional costs. this actually works out really well as you just pay fees to your british uni which is far less than international student fees that you would have to pay if you studied your whole degree in the states.

      i did study abroad for a semster - i went to University of Maryland near Washington DC and it was amazing!!! wicked fun and looks great on your CV. I also have loads of friends across America now which means holidays are pretty cheap cos i can crash with them!

      definitely consider study abroad- it will be the best thing you ever do. what are you thinkin of studying?

      A x good luck
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      Thanks for the replies, i have been trying to find funding all over but has not had any success. I want to study Business Management, i have already applied and will hear the outcome in mis april. do you guys know of any funds available for british students wanting study in the US without doing a sandwich course for it to be cheap. please help.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dreamgirl View Post
      do you guys know of any funds available for british students wanting study in the US without doing a sandwich course for it to be cheap. please help.
      What exactly do you mean by "funds"available?
      Are you asking if there are grants for British students from Federal US or State funding?

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      Ok, so i got accepted to the school i applied for and they have sent through the paperwork/evidence I need to show before being issued a I-20 form. They ask for so much things, its unbelievable....

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      Hey Dreamgirl

      and welcome to the crazy world of US Immigration (USCIS) and it's longwinded paperwork.

      Honestly, it's not really that bad, just tedious to fill out.

      Make sure you go through it well and check it twice before you send it off.
      Also make sure to submit everything they ask for or you'll find that they will eventually send you a request forfurther information letter (which takes ages for them to do), and could seriously delay things for you.
      Remember that if you don't do it right, you do risk your application being denied.

      All the best!

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      Hello.. its been a while..

      Anyway let me get straight in... I applied for the F1 VISA in July 2010 twice and got denied twice. After receiving the I-20 and submitting all the stuff, i was sure to get the visa. The CO did not ask any questions on the first day and just gave a generic letter saying my application was denied under section 214b. On the next occasion i presented extra details to prove i have ties in the UK and the CO stated that he could see that i had ties but he still agreed with his colleague and the visa was denied again. Now the college has deferred my start date to the Spring semester, so i am now in the process and getting new information to the school for them to send me out a new I-20. My question is do you guys think, after two denials will it be a disadvantage if i apply for the third time. And is there anywhere someone could point me with a list to show i got ties to the UK.

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      Basically they are looking for the possibility that you won't want to leave the US once you're there, or in their terms, all visa applicants are presumed to be immigrants (unless they can show otherwise).
      I think you should review what details you gave to them to prove your ties to the UK, and what further evidence you wish to provide to make your case more likely to be granted.

      You were probably told that there would be no sense in re-applying unless there are significant changes in your circumstances or information that were not presented to them before?
      A persons financial situation needs to be such that they can afford the trip without having to seek unauthorized employment in the U.S. Students may be ineligible if it appears that their primary purpose is not to obtain an education that will advance their life in his/her home country, but will facilitate an indefinite stay in the U.S. for themselves or their family.
      What boxes did they tick on the letter that explained why you had been found inelligible?

      Paraphrasing from the The fact that an alien is denied a non immigrant visa under 214(b) in your case the student visa, it does not mean that the alien is inadmissible to the United States. Subsequently even after 2 denials under 214(b), if you present the paperwork that satisfies their requirements then there should be no actual real disadvantage to your petition for the F-1. Of course they will check it thoroughly, but not necessarily more so than they would another application.

      The 214(b) basis of refusal may be overcome if the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the consular officer that the applicant lawfully meets and will abide by all the requirements of the particular nonimmigrant visa classification.

      Try this link Visa Denials at the section that is titled "What constitutes strong ties" and the subsequent sections after it.


      this link, and look at paragraph 7. INA 214(B) Basis of Refusal Not Equivalent to Inadmissibility (12/04)

      You may also want to consider speaking to the college that you have applied for too. If they have a person that deals with overseas student applications then they may be able to help you out with some advice from their end.

      all the best


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      Thank you so much for your swift response.

      I have spoken to the college in regards to providing/giving some advice on British students and what documents they normally provide etc...

      On my second visit after being denied i brought it all the documents to prove that i had ties in the country, I emailed them complaining as i thought my case wasn't dealt with properly, and yes i was told that i shouldn't re-apply until there has been significant changes in my circumstances....

      The whole visa process is really stressing, as you put so much time an effort into getting the college stuff sorted and then to just be told that your application has not been approved.


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