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Thank you so much for your swift response.

I have spoken to the college in regards to providing/giving some advice on British students and what documents they normally provide etc...

On my second visit after being denied i brought it all the documents to prove that i had ties in the country, I emailed them complaining as i thought my case wasn't dealt with properly, and yes i was told that i shouldn't re-apply until there has been significant changes in my circumstances....

The whole visa process is really stressing, as you put so much time an effort into getting the college stuff sorted and then to just be told that your application has not been approved.

anything re the USCIS can be stressful. Hang in there and look carefully at what you originally sent and what else you might need to support your application, and then run it by the college to see if they think it will work.

Emailing them to complain won't really do the trick unless you have a change in circumstances, or additional information and evidence to help prove your application is genuine. You could email again and ask them specifically what else they need, but the chances are they they won't give you that information. It's basically down to the CO.

The whole process is possible to do, and many do it, but you have to make sure the application satisfies them before you'll get over here. The interview itself is important too, so you need to feel confident about it before you go in there, and that will be more easily achieved if you have everything in order.
Of course each application costing money doesn't help things much, but everything you file with an immigration authority anywhere is the same.

Are your finances sound? Neither you or they want it to look like you might need to work illegally to survive the time you're here.

best of luck with it, and just shout out if you are stuck with anything. We all try and help each other on here.