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      Studying in USA, helppp :O

      Hiya everyone,

      For a while I have been thinking that I'd like to go to Uni in America, I am just not sure how to go about it! I will say before I carry on that I am planning greatly ahead, I am 17 years old and have taken a gap year from High School - I am starting A levels in Psychology, Biology and Sociology in September. I don't have an exact career in mind but I am sure that I wan't to do something Mental Health related (Mental Health nurse or therapist). What I am wandering really is about funding, I can't afford to pay for Uni and I know that if I were to remain in the UK I could get funding, does anyone know if it would be possible for a British student to get funding to study is the US? I'd be really open to the idea of remaining there to work if it was possible for me and I enjoyed being there, but if I could not stay there for any reason, I am wandering if US qualifications are recognised in the UK.

      I am going to talk to my college about this once I start but thought I would try and get some info as soon as possible as I have heard it can be a very complicated process!

      Any info or personal experiences hugely appriciated!! xx

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      Hi Jenny,

      I am afraid that funding for international undergraduate students is virtually non existent in the US...tbh there isn't much funding for US residents! Your best bet would be to find a course than offers to study some time abroad as part of the course. You may find it difficult to find a course that offers that in your chosen area, as nursing for example is quite different here in the US than it is back in the UK. If you did somehow found the funding to do a degree in the US it doesn't mean you can live here afterwards. HTH