Hi all,

My boyfriend and I are looking in to moving to California. He works in the tech industry and has found a whole heap of jobs in CA offering visas. I am an English teacher and thought initially it would be pretty straight forward gaining employment over the pond, but I could not have been more wrong!

I've been researching this for a few months now and I'm aware of the need to have my degree certificates evaluated and to get a California teaching credential but my question is, has anyone actually achieved sponsorship by a school in CA? If so I'm yet to find them! I've been told that my best hope is to apply to private schools as they have more control over finances and are more likely to offer sponsorship. Does anyone know any more about this? Or have any other ideas

I am also open to ideas anyone has of other careers I could pursue using my degree in Speech Pathology and my PGCE in teaching English at Secondary level.

Thanks all in advance