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      Thinking of taking the plunge and moving to the US


      I have been doing some research recently about moving to the states. It is something that I have always considered doing as I am pretty fed up with the state of things over here and I think I have finally seen the tipping point.

      I currently work as a geologist in the oil industry and think the obvious place for me to find work is in Houston. I understand the different visas available and the fact that I need to find a job before I move so the company can sponsor me (is this correct?). From my understanding, oil companies tend to take care of their own and so I am not too worried about the logistics of the move but does anyone have any experience or any insight into something like this or similar?

      I also plan to move with my girlfriend as her dream job involving marine wildlife is not an option in the UK and wondered how hard it would be to move together due to the chances of her finding a job at the same time possibly being remote.
      Any help or insights into this would be much appreciated.

      Many Thanks.

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      Hi Aldo, wow I got confused then (it doesn't take a lot ask WB) I thought it was the old Aldo who has moved from UK to Spain to OZ to Spain, I thought he was heading off to America as well.
      I think you need to concentrate on getting yourself a job first, unfortunately I don't know much about American visas only Australia.