hi! my husband is a UK citizen, I am US citizen, we are in visa processes (living in the UK) for spousal visa/green card to move back to the US in about 5 months.

my husband's a qualified electrician here in the UK - we are well aware the US is probably the worst place for UK electricians to work, as from our research he'll pretty much have to start from the bottom again.

have any UK electricians who may be reading this had experience working in electrics in the US (we are aware regulations might vary state to state, we will be in texas) - if so, how did you go about it/how long did it take? did you get in with a company or apprentice someone self employed? have you had success applying your electrical experience to a related field?

any anecdotal info is very welcomed. we've written to whatever the governing body for electrics in texas is and didn't really hear anything back from them regarding any advice/if anything could be transferred