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      US Citizenship processing by birthright

      If I pass all of the requirements under 'Birth abroad to one US Citizen', born after November 14, 1986 (I'm 22), how long would this particular type of citizenship take to process? And how long would it take to receive a social security card/number?

      Unfortunately, I cant seem to find this information on the internet! I hear for some people it takes over a year, but as I am a citizen by birth, would my application be much shorter?

      I know that it differs from person to person, but I was just wondering approximately how long.

      I'll be applying with my father on US soil later on this year.


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      Hi Lone traveller, have you contacted US immigration? That would be best bet I reckon

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      Yup, no worries. I found the answer to this one already! I called the London embassy and I've been informed that all I need to to now is register my birth, apply for my passport and wait a few weeks!

      I'll be going to Hawaii in June with all the relevant documentation to apply with my Dad. I originally thought I had to apply for an I-130 to apply for a green card, only to be told by the embassy that I'm an American by birthright and am not immigrating. Which is a relief as to have your I-130 to the front of the que would take up to 7 years! Nightmare..

      Unfortunately, due to complications, we never did this when I was born. At least we're getting it done now right?!