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    Thread: USA or Australia?

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      Florida Redhead
      Quote Originally Posted by thearmchairdetective View Post
      You would have less minor hurdles in Oz, they drive on the same side of the road is one example.
      Also, I have floridian friends and the first thing they did when they went to work was move north, just to get away from something called "Palmeto Bugs" (!)
      Your friends are not true Floridians.
      Anybody who will run from palmetto bugs, or hurricanes*** for that matter, should not be here in the first place.
      Yes we have the Hurricane Season from June 1st to Nov 30th, but the active season is usually August through October.
      We usually get about 5 days warning.
      Tornados are another matter. They can put us on "Tornado Watch" but can not predict precisely where they will strike.
      My Mum-in-law taught me how to live like a Floridian.....prepare a "Hurricane Cupboard" with emergency supplies at the start of the season etc. Wash out all food containers, such as cans and bottles, before discarding them in the trash.
      Most people here have some form of pest control, but a palmetto bug is just a large cockroach....if one wanders in you squash it.
      We love lizards, because they eat mosquitos.

      It gets very hot and humid from mid-may to October, but in my opinion Florida Winters make up for it.....sunshine and blue skies every day.
      There is no excuse here for not staying fit and active.....we have many neighbours in their 80s who swim, walk, dance and play tennis.
      One big problem for immigrants is Health Care. Insurance is expensive, and even if you work for an employer the contributions are high.
      I have never had that problem as we have Military benefits.

      There is a shortage of nurses in Florida......because there is a shortage of instructors.
      Education? I'm glad I had no children of school age when I moved here......my son was already at London University.
      Catholic and Parochial schools have long waiting lists, because they consistently get good ratings. There is a lack of discipline in State Schools.

      If you move to FL, another thing you notice is you suddenly get letters, emails and visits from relatives who wouldn't give you the time of day in England. "we're thinking of coming to Florida....."

      Driving is not a problem.....and the driving test is a joke.
      The roads are much better than in the UK.
      As a tourist, you would find the Interstate and main roads frustrating, but as a resident you learn short-cuts and ways around the congestion.

      California is beautiful too, but generally more expensive, and the South has border problems with Mexico, as have Arizona and Texas.

      There are going to be pros and cons to every place you consider.

      Wherever you go, you will encounter the "whingeing pom syndrome".
      People who should never have left their homeland.
      They moan and complain about the heat and humidity.....

      Just like some tourists who come during summer holidays, then complain because it's "too hot!"

      To make a success out of the big move, you have to have guts, determination, and a pioneering spirit. Do your homework, talk to people who have done it. You have to have family talks where you express your hopes and concerns. Once you have made up your minds where to move, you have to decide you are going to make a success of it, and there must be no turning back, no blame or recriminations. In the end you all have to be in agreement, be strong, and go for it.

      Don't underestimate homesickness......there will be times it is almost overwhelming. You will miss family and friends.....even those who annoyed the heck out of you! You will make new friends, but nobody takes the place of family.

      I have never been to Australia......but I think over all, it seems like the best move for the future of your family.

      Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best.
      You have the future of your children to consider......I know you will make the right decision for them.

      *** I just realized this might be misunderstood.....of course you should run if you are in the path of a Hurricane, and you get the "Mandatory evacuation" order. What I meant was, anybody who would leave FL just because we have hurricanes here.....every State has it's weather/climate problems.
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